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  • How many Miles are needed for a flight?

    Because flight pricing is now determined by the marketplace, the number of The Base Fare™ you’ll need to redeem for your flight will fluctuate. If you would like to know how many Miles a particular flight will cost, search for a flight today.

  • How far in advance can flights be booked?

    You can book flights up to 11 months in advance, subject to the availability of your chosen airline.

  • Are there charges for booking travel with The Base Fare?

    No additional fees will apply when you purchase a flight and pay by credit card.

    When redeeming The Base Fare™ for a flight, The Base Fare Gold® and Onyx® collectors will pay a $30. 00 USD booking fee plus applicable taxes, per airline ticket, when booked with our customer care ambassadors, or a $15.00 USD booking fee, plus applicable taxes per airline ticket when booked online.

    Blue collectors will pay a $50.00 USD booking fee plus application taxes per airline ticket when booked through our customer care ambassadors, or a $20.00 USD booking fee plus applicable taxes per airline ticket when booked online.


  • How do I make a special request for my booking?

    Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a king-sized mattress for your hotel suite or need a GPS or a car seat for your car rental, all you have to do is contact the rental depot or hotel directly. You can find their contact information on your invoice. But be sure to give them as much notice as possible (more than 24 hours) to make sure they have time to accommodate your requests!

  • Do I need to print out my reservation to bring to the hotel?

    It’s not necessary to do this, but you can never be too prepared when travelling! So, we do recommend printing out a copy of your travel itinerary just in case you need to present a hardcopy of your reservation at check-in.

  • How do I find my confirmation number?

    If your booking isn’t showing up in your hotel’s system, you can retrieve your travel details by logging in through the link below.

    Reservation details may not appear in hotel systems for up to 24 hours before your arrival date. We recommend printing a copy of your travel itinerary to have with you just in case you need a hard copy at check-in.